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Baghdad Hit by Multiple Bombings

VOA, August 6, 2010

Iraqi authorities say at least three people were killed Friday and at least 28  others wounded in roadside blasts in Baghdad.

Reports say a policeman was killed in western Baghdad when a bomb exploded near a police patrol.  Five others were wounded in the attack, at least two of whom were police officers.

In a separate attack, a roadside bomb near an army patrol in the western part of the city wounded six, including two soldiers.  

Elsewhere in the Iraqi capital, two policemen were killed and four others wounded in central Baghdad.  And two policemen and 13 civilians were injured after a bomb exploded in northern Baghdad.

On Thursday, police said gunmen stormed a Baghdad money exchange and killed three people.  It was the latest in a rash of daylight robberies of banks or financial centers in the Iraqi capital.

Also Thursday, a bomb attached to a Ramadi local health department pickup truck exploded, killing the driver and wounding three bystanders.

Earlier, police officials said three traffic officers were killed in drive-by shootings late Wednesday in western Baghdad.

The shootings raise to at least six the number of traffic policemen killed since Tuesday in the capital city.  Police and health officials said at least seven traffic officers have been wounded during the same period of time in Baghdad.

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