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Pope Benedict Promises to Bring Pedophile Priests to Justice

VOA, April 18, 2010

Pope Benedict met with eight sex abuse victims who have been abused by priests in an orphanage in Malta.

During the meeting at the Apostolic Nunciature, the Vatican's official headquarters in Malta, the pope promised the Roman Catholic Church would do all it could to bring abusers to justice and implement safeguards for children in the future.

Following the meeting one of the victims, Joseph Magro said it was very emotional with each man given five minutes to talk with the pope.

Benedict, he said, recognized their suffering and told the group he would pray for them.

"It was great," said Magro.  "Everyone was crying, everyone.  It was fantastic.  He said he will pray for me, he is going to pray for me.  I asked him why, and he said I [will] pray for you."

Earlier the pope celebrated a large outdoor mass in Valletta.

In this strongly Catholic nation, Pope Benedict's mass was attended by thousands of people.  Those present in the square expressed their immense pleasure at the pope's presence in Malta.

PILGIM 1: "It is a blessing from God.  The pope came to our country."  
PILGRIM 2: "I think there are very little countries who had the pope visit their country three times so it is a great honor for us to have him here."

In his homily, Pope Benedict told the faithful the relationship one has with the Lord that provides the key to happiness and to human fulfillment.

"It is tempting to think that today's advanced technology can answer all our needs and save us from the perils and dangers that beset us, but it is not so," said Pope Benedict.

Pope Benedict said many voices try to persuade us to put aside our faith in God and His Church and to choose for ourselves the values and beliefs by which one lives.  He urged the faithful to place their trust in the Lord and follow his teachings because this will always reap immense rewards.

Pope Benedict was also to meet with young people at Valletta's waterfront, across from the city harbor, before leaving Malta.

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