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Exodus-Detailed Outline
A. The Liberation of Israel
Exodus 1:1-7 Introduction
The names. Continuation of Genesis is presumed.  God's promise to Abraham has been fulfilled, but causes problems in Egypt.
Exodus 1:8-22 Slavery in Egypt
A new king arises with new policies.  Beginning of slavery and genocide.   The intervention of midwives decree to kill all boy babies is given.
Exodus 2:1-4 Preparation of a Deliverer
Exodus 2:1-10 The Birth of Moses is recounted.  Moses was placed in a small ark (basket); found by Pharaoh's daughter and returned to his mother for three years.
Exodus 2:11-22 Moses fights and flees Egypt.  Moses intervenes in fight with Egyptian, kills him; word gets out.  Moses flees to Midian; meets Jethro.
Exodus 2:23-25 Oppression continues back in Egypt; God hears the cry of his people.
Exodus 3:1-22 Moses' call and conversation with God. The account of the burning bush that was not consumed is described. God reveals his Name, "I AM". Moses is told to return to Egypt to get God's people out of bondage.
Exodus 4:1-17 Moses' doubts about his fitness for the task. Moses is given three signs: a rod, a serpent, and leprosy. Aaron will be Moses' mouthpiece.
Exodus 4:18-20 Moses leaves Midian. Gets his father-in-law's permission.
Exodus 4:21-23 Job will be difficult: Pharaoh's heart will be hardened.
Exodus 4:24-26 In order to lead, Moses must uphold demands of covenant. Moses’ son is circumcised.
Exodus 4:27-31 Moses and Aaron meet with elders of Israel ending in good results.
Exodus 5-7:7 The Mission of Moses to Pharaoh
Exodus 5:1-11:10 Moses’ Interaction with Pharaoh is given.
Exodus 5:1-5 Moses and Aaron meet with Pharaoh. Pharaoh refuses to let Israelites go.
Exodus 5:6-18 Pharaoh increases oppression Make bricks without straw. Israelites go to Pharaoh, find out tasks were increased because of Moses.
Exodus 5:19-21 Israelites very angry with Moses and Aaron.
Exodus 5:22-23 Moses is totally discouraged.
Exodus 6:1-13 God confirms his plan and encourages Moses. Moses relates this to the Israelites but they don't listen. Aaron and Moses are to return again
Exodus 6:14-27 The genealogy of Reuben, Simeon, and Levi is listed. God reaffirms the authority and the credentials of Moses and Aaron.
Exodus 6:28-7:13 Return to Pharaoh, the first sign. Rod becomes a snake, eats "snakes" of court magicians. Pharaoh hardens his heart.
Exodus 7:8-11 God’s Wonders in the Land of Egypt
Exodus 7:14-25 Plague #1: Water changed to blood. Water everywhere turned to blood. Court Magicians duplicated the plague. No water anywhere. Lasted for seven days. Pharaoh's heart was hardened.
Exodus 8:1-15 Plague #2: Frogs. Frogs covered the land. Court magicians duplicated the plague. Pharaoh offers to let the people go "tomorrow" if frogs disappear. Frogs disappear, but Pharaoh hardens his heart again.
Exodus 8:16-19 Plague #3: Gnats. All the dust of Egypt became gnats. Magicians could not reproduce this plague. Pharaoh's heart was again hardened.
Exodus 8:20-32 Plague #4: Flies. Flies over all Egypt, but not on Israelites. Pharaoh gave approval to worship in Egypt. Moses refuses, plans to go for three-day journey. Pharaoh agrees, Moses prays to God with respect to the flies. The flies leave but Pharaoh hardens his heart.
Exodus 9:1-7 Plague #5: Pestilence on livestock. Pharaoh is warned in advance and given time to change his mind. Plague did not touch Israelites' cattle. Livestock is destroyed, but none of the Israelites' cattle were harmed. Pharaoh's heart was hardened yet again.
Exodus 9:8-12 Plague #6: Boils. Festering boils appeared on all Egyptians. Magicians can no longer work because of conditions. Pharaoh's heart is hardened another time.
Exodus 9:13-35 Plague #7: Hail. Warned to find shelter for man and beast. Israelites again spared. Pharaoh asks Moses and Aaron to "pray" for him, but then hardens his heart.
Exodus 10:1-20 Plague #8: Locusts. God tells Moses Pharaoh's heart has been hardened for the glorification of God. Pharaoh's officials try to talk him into letting Israelites go. The Pharaoh calls Moses and Aaron back and tells them the men can go. Locusts arrive and Pharaoh’s heart was hardened.
Exodus 10:21-29 Plague #9: Darkness. Three days -- a darkness that "could be felt". Pharaoh says all people can go, but flocks and herds have to remain. Throws Moses out.
Exodus 11:1-10 An Announcement of 10th Plague. Israelites borrow silver and gold from neighbors. Moses tells Pharaoh about death of firstborn.
Exodus 12 The Passover and the Departure of Israel
Exodus 12:1-28 The institution of the Passover. Details are given with respect to when and how to celebrate…put blood over doorframes.
Exodus 12:29-42 Plague #10: Death of the firstborn. Pharaoh calls Moses and tells him Israelites can leave. 600,000 men, plus women and children leave Egypt.
Exodus 12:43-51 More Passover instructions are delineated.
Exodus 13-18 Israel Crossing the Red Sea and in the Wilderness
Exodus 13:1-16 Consecration of the firstborn.
Exodus 13:17-14:31 Crossing of the Red (Reed) Sea. Israelites wandered around. Pharaoh changed his mind, pursued them. Trapped at the sea, the people cried out to Moses who cried out to God. Sea parted; people walked through on dry land. Egyptians tried to follow; waters returned and they all perished. People saw the Lord's power and trusted Him.
Exodus 15:1-21 The Song of Moses (Miriam). A song of relief, praise, celebration, and thanksgiving is shown.
Exodus 15:22-27 Time to move on to Marah and Elim. Lack of water; God tells Moses to toss wood into water and the water became sweet.
Exodus 16:1-36 Manna and Quail. After 45 days in the desert, food supplies ran out. People complained to Moses; God provided manna and quail. Instructions are given on how to use manna.
Exodus 17:1-7 Back into the desert: Massah and Meribah. A lack of water leads to grumbling. God tells Moses to strike a rock; water gushes out.
Exodus 17:8-16 Battle with Amalekites. Israelites victorious; Amalekites disappear from history.
Exodus 18:1-12 Jethro visits the camp. First non-Israelite to hear about God's saving acts. Jethro praises God, offers a sacrifice to God.
Exodus 18:13-27 Jethro gives Moses wise counsel. Moses is overworked; justice is delayed; tribal members have no opportunity to lead. Moses listened to Jethro, established leaders within the camp. People agreed.
B. Israel at Sinai
Exodus 19-24:11 Establishment of the Covenant at Sinai
Exodus 19:1-8 The people finally reach Mt. Sinai. Arrive 3 months to the day they left Egypt. Moses is intermediary between God and people; God offers covenant, people accept.
Exodus 19:9-15 Further instructions with regard to God's impending appearance before the people. People were to consecrate themselves inside and out.
Exodus 19:16-25 The coming of the Lord accompanied by thunder and lightning. More instructions to Moses; even the mountain was consecrated.
Exodus 20:1-17 The Ten Commandments
Exodus 20:18-21 People are terrified. Moses continues to act as mediator.
Exodus 20:22-23:33 The Book of the Covenant.
Exodus 20:22-26 Issues relating to worship. Avoid other gods, instructions with regard to sacrifice and what to use for the altar.
Exodus 21:1-11 First, instructions are given on how to behave with respect to God and instructions with respect to Servants. Conditions are given for setting free or retaining a servant, male or female.
Exodus 21:12-36 Regulations concerning the life of a neighbor, of his property.
Exodus 22:1-17 More laws are given with respect to a neighbor's property.
Exodus 22:18-20 Three mortal sins.
Exodus 22:21-27 How to care for those in need (aliens, widows, and orphans).
Exodus 22:28-31 Additional laws with respect to God, the authorities, firstborn, and wounded animals are given.
Exodus 23:1-12 Regulations with respect to their neighbor's rights.
Exodus 23:13-33 More laws with respect to their relationship to God.

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