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Haggai-Detailed Outline
Haggai 1:1-11 A Message to Arouse
Haggai 1:1-3 An introduction is given (August 29, 520 BC). Prophecy came through Haggai for Zerubbabel (governor) and Joshua (high priest). People say the time has not come for the Lord’s house to be built.
Haggai 1:4-6 Message to the people. Nation’s priorities are wrong. The people live in paneled houses; the Lord’s house is in ruins. The people work hard, but don’t get commensurate results. Their best efforts have not produced prosperity. They have experienced God’s curses, not his blessings.
Haggai 1:7-11 Positive action is required. Turn their attention to God’s house, not their own. God will delight in it and be honored by it. People had had great expectations, but little had come of them. God’s hand had thwarted their efforts. Economic catastrophe is the price for unfaithfulness.
Haggai 1:12-1:15 A Message to Commend
Haggai 1:12 September 21, 520 BC…Zerubbabel and Joshua hearkened to the prophecy. They had spent last three weeks planning and organizing the work. The remnant obeyed the voice of the Lord as spoken through Haggai. Original temple took seven years, relied on forced labor, high taxation. Volunteers will build this temple. People volunteered in spirit of obedience to God. Believed in the prophet’s word. No mention of payment of any kind. People “feared in the Lord”. Giving God his due means putting God first. Getting right again with priorities.
Haggai 1:13-15 Divine Prophecy: The Lord spoke through Haggai. Pledged to be with them. God had “stirred their spirits”…indicating renewed energy, vision. People had a complete change of heart; they wanted to do this. Haggai transmitted his enthusiasm, vision to the leaders. They, in turn, transmitted it to the people. And all came to work on the house of the Lord.
Haggai 2:1-2:9 A Message to Encourage
Haggai 2:1-5 Encouragement for Zerubbabel and Joshua October 17, 520 BC. (This would have been the last day of the Feast of Tabernacles. No doubt many people took the time to go check on the rebuilding of the temple. Those who remembered the old one were surely disappointed, not only by the slow progress, but also by the “lack of splendor.”) Haggai acknowledged the grumbling, spoke words of encouragement. Despite criticisms God was with them; they should go forward in joy and with courage. God told them to “work” so he will supply ability to do it. People were highly encouraged by his assurances.
Haggai 2:6-9 The glory of God’s house is described. The Lord would cause a great “shaking”. They should not fear since this would only benefit the temple (Might be a reference to the marching of the Persian army across their lands. Indeed, the Persians helped underwrite the rebuilding of the temple.) Wealth would flow into treasury. The glory of this temple would far outweigh that of Solomon’s. Words intended to encourage a dispirited, economically depressed people. And the final result will be peace.
Haggai 2:10-2:19 A Message to Confirm
Haggai 2:10-14 People’s past defilement. December 18, 520 BC. Holiness is not contagious. Example of holy meat touching unholy meat…doesn’t make it holy. Uncleanness is contagious. Example of unclean meat touching holy meat…it all becomes unclean. Analogy is not certain… possibly a rebuke against having non-Israelites help with temple. More likely a reminder to people that working for God doesn’t automatically make one holy. Moral integrity has to accompany ritual integrity.
Haggai 2:15-19 Future blessings: Reminds people what life had been like before rebuilding process started. Crops and supplies were always less than they expected. These hardships were intended to have people turn back to God. They kept trying on their own. Finally God directed Haggai to speak to them on His behalf. People listened to Haggai. Because of their work on the temple, Haggai predicted a bumper harvest. (Work on the temple had been going on for three months – would take over four years.) Haggai’s reputation was on the line.
Haggai 2:20-2:23 A Message to Assure
December 18, 520 BC God will overthrow Gentile nations (Again, this must be seen in the light of the Persian army approaching, heading through to Egypt. This was no doubt very frightening for everyone. Haggai reassured Zerubbabel and the people that God was in control and caring for them.) Zerubbabel will be given “signet ring”. Signet ring was symbol of authority. Davidic monarchy that had been interrupted during exile was restored.

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