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Joel-Detailed Outline
A. The Locust Plague-The Day of the Lord
Joel 1:1-20 A Threefold Calamity-Locusts, Drought and Fires
Joel 1:1-4 A summons to hear is given. A call to the elders and all the inhabitants of the land
Joel 1:5-14 A call is given to the people for lamentation, fasting, and prayer. Their relation to God has been broken because of sin. Gather the leaders and cry out to God
Joel 1:15-20 Day of the Lord can be seen in the plague of locusts. Food has dried up; cattle are desolate. A harbinger of things to come is seen.
Joel 2:1-2:17 The Scourge as the Forerunner of the Judgment Day
Joel 2:1-11 Locusts are like an invading army on the Day of the Lord. Day of the Lord is coming. Desperate language meant to portray coming destruction. There will be no escape.
Joel 2:12-14 Call for repentance; change your hearts. Their only hope is to completely and genuinely repent. If people are truly repentant, the Lord will respond with forgiveness (Because that’s the essence of God’s nature). “Return to the Lord for he is gracious and merciful, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love”.
Joel 2:15-17 The faithful cry out. Another call for fasting and gathering of the people is given. Priests are commanded to appeal to God. They can only hope that God will soon take pity on his people.
B. Averting of Judgment and Bestowal of Blessing
Joel 2:18-27 The Blessings in the Immediate Future
The promise of future restoration is given. God responds to their plea by becoming “jealous for his people”. He will send an abundant harvest and deliver them from their enemies. Children of Zion should rejoice and be glad. They will eat until they are full.
Joel 2:28-32 The Outpouring of the Divine Spirit
The outpouring of God’s Spirit is seen. God will be in their midst and they will never be put to shame again. His spirit will be poured out on all flesh, even slaves. Everything will break loose at once…cosmic signs.
Joel 3:1-3:17 Judgment Upon the Nations
Joel 3:1-8 The coming of judgment against the nations. Nations will be held accountable for their actions. Several nations are specifically named. Israelites will be returned to the land. Those enemies who committed acts of atrocities will reap the same.
Joel 3:9-12 Announcement to the nations. “All the men” must be readied for war. Plowshares will be made into swords, knives into spears. All men will be made into soldiers; the need will be so great.
Joel 3:13-17 The course of judgment. Day of the Lord is at hand. The Lord “roars” from Zion; victory is foregone conclusion. But the Lord is a refuge for his people; he will not “roar” against them.
Joel 3:18-3:21 The Blessings on God’s People
God’s blessings are given. A promise of abundant crops and water (very poetic) is seen. Other nations will become barren because of their violence to Judah “And Judah will be settled forever…from generation to generation”. “The Lord will dwell in Zion”.

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