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Joshua-Detailed Outline
A. Entrance to the Promised Land
Joshua 1:1 9 God's Comission to Joshua
Message from God is given to Joshua
Joshua 1:10-1:18 Joshua's Mobilization for Crossing the Jordan
Joshua 1:10-11 Joshua prepares the people Tells them to take provisions.
Joshua 1:12-18 Request and response from Eastern tribes.  Reuben, Gad, and half of Manasseh opted to stay east of the Promised Land.  They were allowed to do that because they promised to help other tribes fight for their portion of the land west of the Jordan, if needed.  Having been reminded of their agreement, Reuben, Gad, and Manasseh pledged their lives with Joshua.
Joshua 2 Mission of the Spies
Joshua 2:1-7 Joshua sends out two spies to "look over the land, especially Jericho".  Spies meet Rahab, spend the evening there.
Joshua 2:8-14 Rahab extracts a promise from the spies saying they will spare her family.
Joshua 2:15-24 Rahab helps spies escape by letting them down through a window.   Rahab is told to put a scarlet thread out her window, and then her family will be saved.  Spies return with a favorable report. the land is ready to be possessed.
Joshua 3-5:1 Crossing the Jordan River
Joshua 3:1-17 Crossing the Jordan: 
Joshua 3:1-4 The people prepare to march across the Jordan; God promises help.  Instructions are given with respect to the Ark of the Covenant.
Joshua 3:5-13 Priests move forward with the Ark, which is a symbol of God's presence and leadership.
Joshua 3:14-17 The wonders of crossing the Jordan.  When the feet of the priests hit the water, the water is staunched.  People crossed the dry riverbed passing by the Ark of the Covenant.
Joshua 4:1-24 Memorials for Crossing the Jordan
A representative from each tribe was to take a stone from the river to memorialize this event. When all the people had passed through (including the armies of Reuben, Gad, and Manasseh-roughly 40,000 warriors), the priests were called out of the riverbed.  As soon as their feet touched land, the waters flowed again.  The name of the place was Gilgal.
Joshua 5:1 The kings of Canaan were totally disheartened when they heard what had happened.
Joshua 5:2-5:12 Renewal of Circumcision and Passover Observance
Joshua 5:2-9 While in camp at Gilgal, the people are circumcised.
Joshua 5:10-12 Celebration of the Passover End of manna; people can now eat from the fruit of the land.
B. Conquest of the Promised Land
Joshua 5:13-6:5 Appearance of the Captain of the Lord’s Host
Appearance of the "commander of the Lord." Tells Joshua to take off his shoes, for the place is holy. The event echoes Moses’ experiences. Shoes are symbols of power and strength.
Joshua 6:6-8:29 The Central Campaign
Joshua 6:6-27 Fall of Jericho: 
Joshua 6:1-11 Details of the "battle". People will march around the city every day for six days
People will march in silence; priests will blow trumpets daily.
Joshua 6:12-19 Instructions are given with respect to conquest; only Rahab is to be spared. Nothing is to be taken under threat of Israel's destruction.
Joshua 6:20-25 Jericho is taken. On the seventh day, people shout and wall falls flat. Rahab and her family are saved; the city is burned.
Joshua 6:26-27 Curse pronounced on anyone who tries to rebuild city. Joshua's reputation spreads.
Joshua 7:1-26 Failure at Ai:
Joshua 7:1-5 Achan of the tribe of Judah disobeyed orders, took forbidden booty. Joshua sent spies whose report was a bit over-confident. A few thousand men were sent and resoundingly defeated. Israel was devastated (Hearts melted and became as water).
Joshua 7:6-25 Achan's sin is discovered and punished. Sinner was stoned; stones remain as visual warning.
Joshua 8:1-29 Capture and destruction of Ai.
Joshua 8:1-2 God promises to deliver Ai.
Joshua 8:3-17 Plan included an ambush.
Joshua 8:18-29 All goes exactly as expected.
Joshua 8:30-8:35 Establishment of Israel’s Covenant as the Law of the Land.
Joshua builds an altar at Mount Ebal. Story changes from battle to worship.
Joshua 9-10 The Southern Campaign
Joshua 9:1-27 Treaty with the Gibeonites
Joshua 9:1-2 Nations begin to band together against Israel.
Joshua 9:3-11 Gibeonites plan ruses to convince Israel they are from far away lands and are not a threat.
Joshua 9:12-27 Joshua makes a treaty with them, but does not consult the Lord. Turns out they were neighbors all along. Joshua tells them he will honor their treaty and will not destroy them, but they would "serve as woodcutters and water carriers for the community". Gibeonites learned a lesson of humility and were not destroyed.
Joshua 10:1-28 Neighboring kings form coalition against Gibeon. 
Joshua 10:1-5 Kings go to war against Gibeon.
Joshua 10:6-11 King of Gibeon runs to Joshua for help (Consequence of not consulting the Lord before entering into treaties). Joshua now consults the Lord and is told to fight.
Joshua 10:12-28 Poem from the book of Jashar. Memories of divine action include hail and "the sun stood still.” The battle is won.
Joshua 10:29-43 Cleaning up in the South. Joshua took all these kings and their land at one time, because the Lord God of Israel fought for Israel.
Joshua 11:1-15 The Northern Campaign
As goes the south, so goes the north.
Joshua 11:16-23 Summary of the Conquest
Joshua 12 Appendix: List of the Defeated Kings (31 in all)
Listing of victories gives praise to God.
C. Division of the Promised Land
Joshua 13:1-6 God’s Command to Divide the Land
Further instructions are given regarding the land that remains to be conquered. Joshua is getting along in years. Others must be prepared to complete the work. Leadership will be passed to individual tribes and their designated leaders.
Joshua 13:7-13:33 Territory of the Tribes East of the Jordan
Division of land east of the Jordan is delineated. Reuben, Gad, and half the tribe of Manasseh are given land east of the Jordan.
Joshua 14 Beginning of the Division of Canaan
Joshua 14:1-5 Inheritance of the land would be by lot.
Joshua 14:6-15 Caleb is first, receives Hebron.
Joshua 15 Territory of the Tribe of Judah
Joshua 15:1-63 Judah is Next
Joshua 15:1-12 Boundaries are very specific.
Joshua 15:13-19 Caleb has portion in Judah. Promises his daughter in marriage to the man who conquers Debir (Caleb is advanced in years). Othniel does so, and marries Caleb's daughter (see Judges 3:9).
Joshua 15:20-62 Listing of towns within this boundary.
Joshua 15:63 Notation that Jebusites lived in the land. Judah could not conquer them.
Joshua 16-17 Territory of the Joseph Tribes
Inheritance of Joseph's sons - Ephraim and Manasseh 
Joshua 16:1-8 Borders of Ephraim.
Joshua 16:9-10 Inability to conquer Gezer.
Joshua 17:1-6 Division of land to Manasseh.
Joshua 17:3-6 Daughters of Zelophehad ask to preserve their inheritance.
Joshua 17:7-13 Failure of Manasseh to take certain towns. Did not drive out the people.
Joshua 17:14-18 Complain bitterly that they didn't receive enough land. Joshua tells them to make do with what they have.
Joshua 18-19 Territories of the Seven Remaining Tribes
Joshua 18:1-10 Remaining land was surveyed. Lots were cast at Shiloh.
Joshua 18:11-28 The lot of Benjamin.
Joshua 19:1-9 The lot of Simeon.
Joshua 19:10-16 The lot of Zebulon.
Joshua 19:17-23 The lot of Issachar.
Joshua 19:24-31 The lot of Asher.
Joshua 19:32-29 The lot of Naphtali.
Joshua 19:40-48 The lot of Dan.
Joshua 19:49-51 Conclusion to allotments.
Joshua 20-21:42 Cities of Refuge and Inheritance of Levi
Joshua 20:1-9 Cities of refuge. God commanded Moses to set up cities of refuge. Six cities were designated as regional centers of asylum. People who commit murder could go to the city and await verdict of elders of that city. Provided for a "fair trial"; prevented feudal killing.
Joshua 21:1-40 Levitical cities (48 are chosen). 
Joshua 21:1-7 Levites have no land allotment. Levites are given cities to live in and land for cattle to graze.
Joshua 21:8-42 Cities chosen by lot.
Joshua 21:43-21:45 Summary of the Conquest and Apportionment
And there was "rest in the land." All of the Lord's promises came to pass.
Joshua 22 Appendix: Departure of the Tribes East of the Jordan River
Last days of Joshua 
Joshua 22:1-8 Tribes of Reuben, Gad, and half of Manasseh are blessed and go back home across the Jordan.
Joshua 22:9-21 They build an altar at the Jordan. Unity of tribes is threatened when remaining tribes determine to war against them. See this new altar as competition for altar at Shiloh. Send an envoy of priests and chiefs to dissuade them, present the charges.
Joshua 22:22-25 Leaders in the East react with humility. Did not intend any disrespect or rebellion.
Joshua 22:26-31 Feared they would be shut out of worship in west and, hence, from the Lord. Wanted an altar in the east to maintain integrity before God.
Joshua 22:32-34 Explanation is acceptable. Negotiated by Phinehas. War talk ends.
D. Joshua's Final Speeches
Joshua 23 Joshua’s Farewell Address to the Leaders of Israel
Joshua 23:1-5 Reminds them God gave them the land; he helped with allotment of it
Joshua 23:6-11 They should remember God's deeds during future challenges. Repeats words spoken in Joshua 1. God will fight and protect them; they must "love the Lord your God". Cautions them against losing their need for God as crises subside.
Joshua 23:12-16 Cautions against intermarrying, worshiping local gods, and breaking the covenant. Misbehavior will lead to the loss of their land.
Joshua 24:1-28 Renewing the Covenant Commitment at Shechem
Joshua 24:1-13 Review of Israel's past, beginning with Abraham.
Joshua 24:14-28 Choose this day whom ye will serve. People pledge their loyalty to God. Renewed the covenant at Shechem. Wrote the words on a stone, which was a witness for all time 
Joshua 24:29-33 Appendix: Death of Joshua and Subsequent Conduct of Israel
Death of elders. The burial of Joseph's bones, and the death of Phinehas are told.

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