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Jude-Detailed Outline
A. Introduction
Jude 1:1-1:2 Jude identifies himself as a servant (bond slave) of Jesus Christ. He was a half brother of our Lord, according to the flesh, and the brother of James. A servant of Jesus Christ is a higher position and relationship than being a half brother. Jude wrote to believers who were sanctified, preserved and called of or by Jesus.
B. The Need to Contend: Apostate Teachers
Jude 1:3-1:16 The Holy Spirit detoured Jude from writing on some theme of the faith in order that he might sound a warning of the impending apostasy. Apostasy is a departure from “the faith,” the apostles’ doctrine. Jude sounds a warning that already apostates had entered the fold of the church. These apostates were ungodly men who were unconverted; they were leaving God out. They turned the grace of our God into lasciviousness”…which is blatant immorality and shameless sin. They arrogantly and proudly flaunted sin… publicly. These apostates even denied Jesus
Jude lists examples of apostasy in the past and the judgment of God upon them:
1) Israel at Kadesh-barnea refused to enter the Promised Land. God judges men and nations for their sins. Unbelief is sin.
2) Angels rebelled and are now kept in chains. The judgment for angels is special and separate. Angels do not escape the judgment of God.
3) Sodom and Gomorrah sinned in sensuality; destroyed by fire. Defiled flesh, perversion, sodomy, and gross immorality (“new morality”) have been judged in the past as a warning to modern man.

Jude identifies characteristics of apostate teachers:
1) “Dreamers” (omit filthy) indicates that they live in an unreal world, probably having drug-induced dreams.
2) “Defile the flesh” connotes base and abnormal immorality.
3) “Despise dominion” is to reject authority.
4) “Speak evil of dignities” is protest against rules and those in authority

Satan is a fallen creature and an avowed enemy of God. Yet Michael, when contending about the body of Moses, would not bring a sentence that would impugn the dignity of Satan. Michael even respected the position of Satan. Apostates protest against that about which they do not have absolute mental comprehension; but they follow what they know by instinct, like an animal. The “Way of Cain” characterizes an apostate who is religious but who denies he is a sinner — yet who could be redeemed only by the sacrifice of life and shedding of blood. There is a vivid, graphic, dramatic, frightening description of apostates of the last days. They are likened to spots. “Spots” are hidden rocks that wreck a ship — make shipwreck of faith. They are characterized as “Feeding themselves”. A true shepherd feeds the sheep. They are described as clouds. “Clouds…without water” means that they look as if they are filled with the Word of God, but they are empty and dry. They are Trees…without fruit”— no spiritual fruit. They are “Raging waves” meaning they are unashamed. They are “Wandering stars” which means to be lawless, following no course. True believers will be caught up to meet the Lord in the air; make-believers will be judged. The organized church will go into the Great Tribulation. At the Rapture this apostate church is split…the true believers leave and the make-believers remain.
Apostates are:
1) “Murmurers” — they mutter their complaints.
2) “Complainers” is literally blamers of their lot; discontented.
3) “Walking after their own lusts” means they live to satisfy their craving and desires.
4) “Speaking great swelling words” is addiction to flowery, extravagant, and exaggerated language.
5) “Having men’s persons in admiration because of advantage” means that they do not look to God but to men for help and advancement

C. The Way to Contend: Available Resources
Jude 1:17-1:25 Believers should know the Word of God. “Mockers” live to satisfy their own passionate desires. They cause divisions, live for self, and do not have the Holy Spirit. In days of apostasy believers are to “Build up yourselves on your most holy faith” which means to study the Word of God. We are also to pray in the Holy Spirit. We are to “Keep ourselves in the love of God” — God loves the believer with an everlasting love, but the believer can get out of fellowship with the Lord by sinning. We are to look for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ, which means that every believer will be taken out at the Rapture because of the mercy of God and not the merit of the believer. We are to have compassion on some who are in doubt. We are to preach salvation to the lost. We should not lower our levels to preach to the lost.
One of the great benedictions of Scriptures is given: Now unto Him who is able to keep you from stumbling and to present you (make you stand) before the presence of His glory blameless with great rejoicing, to the only God, our Savior, through Jesus Christ our Lord be glory, majesty, might, and authority before all time, both now and forever. Amen.

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