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Numbers-Detailed Outline
A. Practical Instructions for the Wilderness Journey
Numbers 1 The First Census
603,550 males were counted over the age of 20; these were the number of males available for fighting in battle. Levites were not included, since their job was to care for tabernacle
Numbers 2 Order of Worshippers -Setup of Their Camp
People are given their marching orders. Suggests that everything was in perfect order. Tent of meeting is in center, with three tribes arranged on each side.
Numbers 3-4 Service of Workers Duties of Priests and Levites
Levites are subordinate to the Priests (line of Aaron). Levites' duties include being responsible for furnishings of tent. Priests are responsible for the care of sacred objects.
Numbers 5 Camp Cleansed From Defilement
Numbers 5:1-4 Laws relating to the purity of the camp.
Numbers 5:5-10 Dealing with offenses among persons, stealing for instance
Numbers 5:11-31 Questions relating to adultery (or suspicions of a jealous husband).
Numbers 6 Separated to God
Numbers 6:1-21 Vows taken by Nazarites are described. Temporary vows…no strong drink or cutting of hair.
Numbers 6:22-27 A Priestly Blessing is given. May the Lord bless and keep you. May the Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious unto you. May the Lord give you peace.
Numbers 7:1-7:88 Cooperating With God
Numbers 7:1-88 Offerings at the dedication of the Altar: Each tribe brings an offering…identical to avoid unholy competition. Totals of gifts are given.
7:89-10:10 God With His People
Numbers 8:1-4 Objects of the people…here, lamp stands and instructions for use are delineated.
Numbers 8:5-26 Cleansing rituals for the Levites. Similar to Lev. 8, which described cleansing of priests, just less elaborate. Age restrictions: can serve from age 25-50.
Numbers 9:1-14 Second Passover: Even "unclean" are able to celebrate Passover.
Numbers 9:15-23 Presence of God: Cloud and Fire. Israelites will follow movement of the cloud
Fire will protect them at night.
Numbers 10:1-10 Trumpets: Purpose: call together; break camp; go into battle; used at feasts.
Numbers 10:11–10:32 Provocation in the Wilderness
Numbers 10:11-36 A Climactic march towards the Promised Land begins.
Numbers 10:29-32 Hobab is invited to accompany them. Possibility of human guide…with the offer refused.
Numbers 11-12 Murmuring and Discontent
Numbers 11:1-3 Grumbling against God; fire in the camp.
Numbers 11:4-9 The people’s dissatisfaction with manna is described.
Numbers 11:10-30 Moses complains to God and God responds.
Numbers 11:31-35 Quail show up in camp.
Numbers 12:1-16 Miriam and Aaron rebel against Moses. As a result, Miriam is punished with leprosy.
Numbers 13-14 Lack of Faith and Rejection
Numbers 13:1-24 Spy story of 12 who were chosen to spy out the land.
Numbers 13:25-33 The spies return with a report; land is great; towns are fortified; inhabitants are strong.
Numbers 14:1-10 God's people focus on fear and danger. Caleb and Joshua try to encourage them.
Numbers 14:11-38 The people rebel; God punishes them with 40-year sojourn in the wilderness. Moses intervenes on their behalf. Spies die from plague.
Numbers 14:39-45 The window of opportunity has closed; sojourn in the wilderness begins.
Numbers 15 Instructions for the Next Generation
Numbers 15:1-41 Regulations given dealing with sin offerings and supplemental offerings.
Numbers 16-19 A Revolt Against God’s Appointment
Numbers 16:1-17:13 A rebellion by 250 community leaders plus three. Attack against Moses…prayed to God. Accusers were swallowed up. Rebellion increased; Aaron used incense for atonement and stopped the plague. Twelve leaders put staffs in Tent of Meeting overnight. Aaron's budded, blossomed and produced almonds by morning. Aaron's priesthood divinely authorized by God.
Numbers18:1-32 Duties of Priests and Levites: Priests will get portion of sacrifice; Levites will get tithes.
Numbers 19:1-22 Cleansing with water after someone touches a corpse is described. Restoration into Israelite life is described.
Numbers 20-21:3 The Fortieth Year: From Kadesh to Hor
Numbers 20:1-13 The death of Miriam and Moses' sin: Perhaps occurring during the last year in the wilderness. Moses strikes rock without God's instruction; Moses will not enter Land
Numbers 20:14-21 Edom refuses passage.
Numbers 20:22-29 Death of Aaron is told.
Numbers 21:1-3 Canaanites attack the Israelites.
Numbers 21:4-22:1 To Moab via Ezion-Geber
Numbers 21:4-9 More grumbling from the people resulting in plague; “rescue” with bronze snake.
Numbers 21:10-22:1 Arrival at Moab; the defeat of Sihon and Og is told.

Numbers 22:2-25:18 Balaam’s Curse Turned To Blessing, Demise of First Generation

Numbers 22:2-24:25 Balak summons Balaam to curse Israel; two kings have already been defeated by these people. Balak sends two delegations to convince Balaam to curse the Israelites. Balaam is on his way when an angel intercepts him. Balak tries hard to get Balaam to do his job and curse these people. Balaam does not curse the people, but blesses them through delivery of seven prophecies.
Numbers 25:1-25 Israel's sins are described.
Numbers 25:1-5 Worshipping Baal of Peor is named.
Numbers 25:6-9 Marrying people of the land.
Numbers 25:10-13 Peace coming through Phineas.
Numbers 25:14-18 The people are told to remain separate from inhabitants of the land
Numbers 26:1-36:13 -- The Second Generation, Preparations to Enter the Land
Numbers 26 The Second census: Only second-generation males are counted. Purpose and outcome is parallel to the first. 601,730 are counted (less than .3% difference from first). Division of land among the tribes to be based on size of tribe
Numbers 27:1-11 Legal questions brought forth by Zelophehad's daughters. Question as to whether these women would be able to inherit land as a son might.
Numbers 27:12-23 Joshua is chosen to succeed Moses.
Numbers 28:1-30:17 Worship practices: Yearly calendar specifying what and when offerings should be made daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly.
Numbers 29:1-38 Deals with seventh, most sacred month and the three festivals celebrated at that time.
Numbers 29:39-40 Summary of all.
Numbers 30:1-17 Vows given with respect to women
Numbers 31:1-12 A Battle with Midian (Victorious!) is described.
Numbers 31:13-54 The account of dividing up the booty from the battle is written.
Numbers 32: 1-42 Division of the Land:
Numbers 32:1-5 Reuben and Gad want to stay east of Jordan.
Numbers 32: 6-15 Moses refuses request likening it to refusing to enter Promised Land.
Numbers 32:16-19 Reuben and Gad offer to help others fight and settle in to new territories.
Numbers 32:20-27 On that basis, Moses gives them permission.
Numbers 32:28-38 They keep their word; Moses keeps his.
Numbers 32:39-42 Division of land according to Tribes.
Numbers 33:1-49 Summary of time in the Wilderness.
Numbers 33:50-34:29 A Division of land of Canaan is given describing the boundaries of the land. Appointment of tribal leaders to assist with apportioning the land is also seen.
Numbers 35:1-8 A special consideration for the Levites:
Numbers 35:9-15 Institution of safe areas; asylum (cities of refuge).
Numbers 35:16-34 Who is qualified to use cities of refuge is described.
Numbers 36 Legal rights of Daughters who've inherited land but marry outside tribe is given. Women can only marry within tribe, or forfeit their land rights. These are the commands and regulations of the Lord given to Moses on the plains of Moab.

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