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Ruth-Detailed Outline
Ruth 1 Ruth’s Noble Choice, The Move From Judah to Moab and Back
Ruth 1:1-2 The migration to Moab by Elimelech and his wife, Naomi, along with their two sons is recounted. They moved because there was a "famine in the land".
Ruth 1:3 The death of Elimelech is given.
Ruth 1:4-5 Marriage and Death of two sons is told.
Ruth 1:6-10 Naomi hears that there is food in Bethlehem. She and her two daughters-in-law set out for Judah. Along the way, Naomi tells them to return home. They would be foreigners in a strange land, hence unprotected. She tells them to return to their "mothers' " houses. She prays for Orpah and Ruth, asking God to give them kindness and security. The daughters-in-law tearfully protest going back home.
Ruth 1:11-13 Second exchange between Naomi and daughters-in-law. Stronger, she commands them to return to their homes. Her life is over; she doesn't want to destroy their lives as well. She blames God for her personal disaster.
Ruth 1:14-18 Third exchange between Naomi and daughters-in-law. Orpah decides to return home. Ruth decides to continue with Naomi. Ruth demands: Do not pressure me to leave you. Whither you go, I will go. Naomi gives up, says nothing.
Ruth 1:19-21 The two women arrive in Bethlehem. City is bustling. Dear friends are happy to see Naomi. She tells them to call her "bitter" because that's how she feels.
Ruth 1:22 Summary statement…it's harvest time
Ruth 2 Ruth’s Faithful Service- Ruth Finds Favor With Boaz
Ruth 2:1 Introduction of Boaz who is a cousin of Elimelech.
Ruth 2:2-3 Ruth declares she is going out to the fields to glean ears of grain. Naomi gives her permission. Ruth finds herself in the field belonging to Boaz.
Ruth 2:8-13 Ruth and Boaz meet. Boaz tells Ruth to stay in his field and to stay with his "maidens". Provides protection for Ruth, special status. She has access to water; no one has access to her. Ruth falls on her face before him, which is a gesture of vulnerability and humble submission. Asks why she's found favor in his eyes. Boaz says he's heard about her good deeds with Naomi. Asks God to bless her. Ruth expresses gratitude for his treatment of her.
Ruth 2:14-16 Lunchtime: Boaz invites her to sit with the reapers, signifying acceptance into his community. Boaz serves her. Boaz instructs his reapers to leave grain for her. Thought to be extremely generous on his part.
Ruth 2:17 Day's work well done. Ruth collected an ephah of grain (roughly 29 pounds), the equivalent of half a month's wages in one day! Boaz was generous. Ruth was a good worker.
Ruth 2:18-23 Conversation with Naomi: Ruth shares leftovers from lunch with Naomi. Ruth tells Naomi all about her day. Naomi recognizes Boaz. Expresses gratitude for him; stresses his kinship to her. "Next kinsmen" or "kinsmen redeemer" has legal implications. He had certain duties and responsibilities to the clan. Ruth tells Naomi she can glean until the end of harvest (two more months). Famine is essentially over for them. Ruth fulfils commitment to glean.
Ruth 3 Ruth’s Virtuous Appeal
Ruth 3:1-5 Naomi's plan. Naomi feels responsible to find "permanent home" for Ruth. Naomi wanted this earlier; she is the answer to her own prayer. "Winnowing the barley" signified end of harvest season. It's now or never. Ruth was to prepare herself…bath, perfume, and dress up to go to the threshing floor. She was to wait until after dinner…Boaz would be in good spirits. She was to make note where Boaz would lie down. Later she was to uncover his feet; Boaz would tell her the next step. "Uncover his feet" is an idiom with many options. Most prefer a symbolic gesture of humble submission. Ruth promises to do exactly as Naomi suggested.
Ruth 3:6 Confirmation of Ruth's promise to obey.
Ruth 3:7-13 Ruth and Boaz on the threshing floor. Boaz did lie down; Ruth uncovered his feet. Around midnight he woke up (due to his cold feet!). Noticed a woman lying at his feet; asked whom she was. Ruth replied, asked him to cover her with a blanket. This constitutes a proposal of marriage, symbolized by the man "protecting" the woman. Ruth assumes that Boaz has a duty to marry her. Boaz doesn't hesitate a minute…he is both flattered and pleased that she chose him. He formally agrees to marry her. She is well known for her kindnesses to Naomi. One glitch…someone else is closer to Naomi than Boaz. Technically speaking, that man has right of first refusal. Boaz is a model of integrity in not trying to circumvent the law. He promises to check with the other relative, will defer to him if necessary. In the meantime, Ruth was told to stay the remainder of the night.
Ruth 3:14-15 In the morning, Boaz was worried someone might have seen them. Assures Ruth that either he or the other kinsman will redeem her. Gives Ruth a gift of grain; sends her on her way.
Ruth 3:16-18 Ruth reports to Naomi. Naomi tells her to stay calm until the matter is resolved.
Ruth 4 Ruth’s Blessed Reward- Marriage and a New Son
Ruth 4:1-8 The Legal process. Boaz went to the city gate bright and early the next morning. Other kinsman redeemer happened to be there. Man remains nameless. Boaz garnered up 10 other elders. Boaz begins by talking about a piece of property (Ruth) Naomi has for sale. Invites the unnamed relative to serve as kinsmen redeemer and to buy the property, thereby providing for Naomi. Man agrees to do so. Boaz informs the man that Ruth comes with the property. Function of Ruth is to perpetuate the name of the dead. (Have a child who would carry on the family name). Man withdraws his offer to serve as kinsman-redeemer. Not unwilling, but unable to do this. His own heirs would suffer if his property went to Ruth's child. His withdrawal opened the way for Boaz to act. Deal was sealed with a sandal ceremony with 10 elders for witnesses.
Ruth 4:9-12 Boaz buys the property (and Ruth). Announces his intention, which is witnessed by townspeople. Elders proclaim blessing upon Boaz and Ruth.
Ruth 4:13-17 Naomi receives a son! God granted a son to Ruth and Boaz. Women praise God. When the child is born, Naomi takes it to breast…becomes grandmother and kind of foster mom. The neighbor women name the child "Obed," who became the father of Jesse, who was the father of David.
Ruth 4:18-22 Genealogy of Perez…Ancestor of Boaz: David's birth is the fulfillment of God's divine plan.

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