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Man's Origin and Future

Genesis vs. Revelation

The book of Genesis is commonly regarded as a history of man's beginnings, starting in the Garden of Eden.  The book of Revelation, from our current perspective, details the future redemption of a fallen world and its return to something akin to the beginning.  Genesis and Revelation are books that are controversial on our world today, however they should be read carefully and taken literally.

In Genesis man lived in a perfect world with no sin, no death, no curse and the entire world under his dominion.  Had sin not entered the venue, man would have ruled the earth for God's glory.  God cannot be defeated.  Even though sin and death have infringed for a time, whatever God intended in the beginning will most assuredly come to pass in the future.  Revelation thoroughly chronicles the return of the earth to its original perfection with no sin, no death and the curse removed.

The worlds of Genesis and Revelation are not quite the same.  In the beginning the world started as sinless.  Even though being perfect it was a provisional or probationary place.  It was a place where man experienced sin and failure.  In the final world, after man has experienced salvation and redemption, the planet is renewed.  Man will be changed.  He will be made perfect and will dwell with his Creator, his Savior, and his God.

There are similarities, comparisons and contrasts that can be made between the original "Genesis World" and the future and final "Revelation World".  Some of these contrasts are seen below and are worthy of personal study and meditation.

Genesis World  Revelation World
Division of light and darkness Genesis 1:4 No night there Revelation 21:25
Division of land and sea Genesis 1:10 No more ocean Revelation 21:1
Rule of sun and moon Genesis 1:16 No need of sun and moon Revelation 21:23
Man in a prepared garden Genesis 2:8-9 Man in a prepared city Revelation 21:2
River flowing out of Eden Genesis 2:10 River flowing from God's throne Revelation 22:1
Gold in the land Genesis 2:12 Gold in the city Revelation 21:21
Tree of life in the garden Genesis 2:9 Tree of life in the city Revelation 22:2
Bdellium and onyx stones Genesis 2:12 All manner of precious stones Revelation 21:19
God walking in the garden Genesis 3:8 God living with us Revelation 21:3
Cursed ground Genesis 3:17 No more curse Revelation 22:3
Daily sorrow Genesis 3:17 No more sorrow Revelation 21:4
Thorns and thistles Genesis 3:18 No more pain Revelation 21:4
Returning to the dust  Genesis 3:19 No more death Revelation 21:4
Evil continually Genesis 6:5 Nothing that defileth Revelation 21:27
Satan opposing Genesis 3:15 Satan banished Revelation 20:10
Banished from the garden Genesis 3:23 Free to enter the city Revelation 22:14
Redeemer promised Genesis 3:15 Redemption accomplished Revelation 5:9-10 (1)

Other contrasts between the "Genesis World" and the "Revelation World" can be seen.  Genesis and Revelation are books that merit considerable meditation

Remember. Be blessed and meditate or meditate and be blessed!!!!.. the choice is yours!!
Acknowledgments: 1. Morris, Henry M. The Genesis Record, San Diego: Creation Life Publishers, 1976, 668pp.
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