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Nugget Net Review Updates
Slightly different look and navigation access
This site is dedicated to a close friend, whose work was recognized world wide. His efforts, dedication, and friendship inspired me to help as he did.

The Editors
A little about the original owner and myself. His passing was a great loss to me. He was my best best friend. Even though we started the site together, NuggetNetReview was his ministry, his heart and soul. I merely helped with some of the html assistance. We would spend hours in his office enjoying the time, and working out ideas.

He was a fast thinker. He could put together ideas and implement them in no time. Perhaps since it was a ministry to him, he felt dedicated to get it up and working as fast as possible. If you visit his Devotional, or Meditation, or Commentary Links up at the top of the pages, you'll find they're almost endless. Many if not Most of those he wrote himself, so please enjoy them.

He loved animals. One of his pets was a cat. I remember many times while we were working on the site, that his cat would jump up on the desk, walk across the computer keyboard, and just lie down on the keys. I often wondered how many random emails were being sent out during those moments from the cat. He didn't worry about the cat, just enjoy its presence, bringing a relaxing moment.

My goal is that you will notice no difference in the news articles provided and that the end time news collected relating to biblical prophecy continues to save you time from having to search the endless resources yourself. Since I was with the original owner from the beginning, and filled in for him at times when he had to be away, I feel I have an understanding of his original intent. He would update me with the list of sites he used, and it grew many times to keep up with fresh content.

The blog we provided will be discontinued. Since that was my offering of service to this site, I feel I wouldn't have enough time to do both. The news here will compliment its input, so nothing will get lost.

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Slightly Different Look
From your treasured input, I feel keeping the headlines simple and easy to read was of utmost importance, so I'm focusing on keeping that look. I'm only making minor changes that I feel might make it easier to read. I've widened the center area so that most headlines can be on one line, instead of two or three lines, making it easier on your eyes. I hope you like the wider view.

At the beginning, I will be posting headlines early morning and early afternoon, and more as time allows. I will be leaving a few days on one page so you can easily review related articles at a glance. After it gets to a pre-determined length, I will move some of those days over to another page which will always be accessible from each page, very similar to the way it was done before. At the beginning, there will be only headlines, no graphics with the headlines. Even though they were very nice to put a picture with a thought, I sometimes found myself not taking time to consider each headline, and scanned quickly to just the pictured-headline since it seemed to give more importance, but that's just me. (Yes, I was an active reader here of the news just like you.)

I consider my work here to be a combination of business and ministry. To help support this service, I'm offering links to various services and products that I either use, or feel might be helpful to my viewers. Some of these links are affiliate links in which I may earn a commission by you purchasing or using their service. Your cost to buy or use it is no higher than if you had gone to their site on your own and purchased, so there is no mark-up at all. The merchant just offers me a commission, or finders fee if I bring them interested visitors from here. The merchant links are similar to the news links, if you find they might be useful, you can visit them, if not, I'll try to find things that would be useful to you.

I'm not of the mind set of years ago teachings, where people thought 'Lord, you keep him humble and we'll keep him poor'. I don't want to live on 'Poor Street', right next to 'Grumble Alley'. I believe prosperity started in the Old Testament, where God spoke to Joshua in Joshua 1:8, that 'This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth; but thou shalt meditate therein day and night, that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is written therein: for then thou shalt make thy way prosperous, and then thou shalt have good success'.

I believe God's Word is God's will. If we spend time learning His Word, we will know His will. And if we Meditate in His Word (Josh. 1:8), Practice His Word (James 1:22), Give His Word first place in our lives (Col. 1:18), and Instantly obey the voice of our spirit (Proverbs, II Cor. and John and more refer how our inward man can be in tune, and be a reliable conscious). So if we're in tune with the Word, as Joshua was told, we can become prosperous, and how better can the God's Word be spread throughout the whole world, than if we have the means to do it.

Please understand, NuggetNetReview is NOT a non-profit organization, so any thing financially you purchase or donate here is NOT a tax deductible gift. I just offer things that I've either used or think you could find useful.

I also look at it like it's building up a community. When we first moved into the area we're at, there weren't any stores, gas stations or groceries unless you drove a few miles. Once a few corner lots with these types of stores starting populating our area, we were thrilled. I still remember the time when an AutoZone car parts store sign went up, I was excited since I liked working on my own vehicle. Now I didn't have to go looking for an AutoZone, I had my own. Everyone has their favorites, maybe your's is a different type of auto parts store, but just having something in the neighborhood was a plus.

So what I'm trying to do is populate this corner lot with merchants that I'm familiar with, and have come to know as being fair in business. Soon I'll offer an option that you can tell me what types of things you're interested in, like working from home type opportunities, most everyone would like to be self-supportive in times like these.

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Scripture Reading Navigation
One of the things I like to do is break things down into easy to follow steps to make it easier for the user. Sometimes when I was looking for scripture here, I would navigate to many scripture pages, but found it a little difficult to quickly get back to the Home Scripture page, or the News page, so I've added new Navigation links on 'every' scripture page for easier navigation. Now dig as deep as you wish, there are almost 1,200 pages of scriptures here, and you'll only be a click away from getting home again.

Also on each of the scripture pages are links to help you find deeper meanings of the Hebrew or Greek original meanings of the bible. I made those links to open in new windows so if you accidentally closed them, you wouldn't lose your place in study.

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Revelation Timeline
Since I like breaking complex things down into easy to follow step-by-step flowchart type understandings, I added some Revelation Timeline charts. This by no means is a full study of the book of Revelation, and it's only my interpretation of what I've learned, so remember II Timothy 2:15 says to ' Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of truth.' Compare what I've provided against the bible, and if your church teaches it differently, or if you were brought up differently, then we may have to agree to disagree, but we don't have to be disagreeable to each other, we're all still learning. I even grew up thinking differently, until I spent much time with various references and the bible trying to learn more.

I started off just wanting to understand more about who the 144,000 were, and then how long they were around, then what role the two witnesses played, and when the mark of the beast came into the picture, and who it affected.... and one thing lead to another, and I ended up getting most of Revelation down on the timeline, so I hope you enjoy following it. Each page opens up into a new window, and each page is in PDF format, so you'll need Adobe Reader, which I have a link for there.

Look for the tab at the top labeled Revelation Timeline.

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Type of News Headlines
Prophecy has a more solid foundation when it's confirmed after a longer period of time, not something where man can give the message, and then have something to do to make it come to pass within his own lifetime, making it look like it's biblical prophecy. The longer a prophecy takes to come to pass, usually the slower the process is for it to mature. Sometimes you may not even see it changing, unless you know what to look for. That is one reason for our news, to keep you informed as time progresses, so you can keep a watch.

I like to use the phrase, "Where's that found in the bible?", and "Is that in line with other bible prophecies, and scripture?". I don't want to publish something to just fill in the gaps, or fill up space, I want this to be based on scriptural integrity.

What this IS NOT and WON'T BECOME is a Hollywood Tabloid, keeping you up on the latest gossip of the stars, those are easy enough to find. We won't be publishing every shooting, stabbing, or victims story. Those can also be easily found elsewhere. Unless the news has focus on end time events, and how it might relate to signs coming together to form end time events, I won't take up your time.

Our news is not meant to be negative toward any organization or political side. Events relating to end time prophecy sometimes line up with or are associated with certain groups more than others, which causes those groups to be more in the news. Those events seem to line up with what many believe the return of our Lord and Savour Jesus Christ, and how He encouraged us to look and watch, for the time is shorter each day as pieces are falling into place. Behold, The Bridegroom Cometh Quickly.

The forming of Gog and Magog, the transforming of the Ten Nations to wear the Ten Crowns, and who they are, and how Israel being a chosen nation will stand against others when it seems impossible being a smaller nation. Israel had to become a nation before the end time prophecies could happen, and Israel became a nation in 1948.

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